81 hectares of owned vineyard surrounding the winery

local, national and international varieties


Quinta de Aves is located in the heart of Campo de Calatrava, one of the areas with volcanic origin land in the Iberian Peninsula with most recent activity. Our volcanic soils have an extreme importance in our viticulture since this volcanic character influences the mesocclimate that surrounds our plants and above all, originates the sustenance of composition in the soils where our plants take root, transmitting a unique character to the wines.


We produce our grapes under organic viticulture criteria and techniques as we know that our environment is of great value and we must preserve it. We adapt cultivation techniques prioritizing manual work and in any case mechanical work to carefully take care of our vineyard and everything that surrounds it. We also pay attention to the auxiliary flora and fauna, especially birds, which inhabit our environment.



Our old vineyard has been more than 50 years cultivated in glass and dry land in association with old olive groves. It is the traditional way of growing in the area that we strive to maintain. It is a “patrimonial” legacy and one of our most distinctive signs of viticultural identity. The rest of the plots are over 30 years old.

Red varieties: Tempranillo, Graciano, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah and Garnacha tintorera.

White varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, small grain Muscat.   



In our region, just as times change, without forgetting where we come from, we look to the future being aware of the challenges we face. Conditions such as climate change and adaptation to it mark the roadmap in our project. Based on this we are introducing varieties and cultivation techniques that have a good viticultural and oenological response to these circumstances.


We bet on varieties that have a good response to adverse situations such as drought and episodes of extreme heat. Hence, we have, among others, the Garnacha Tintorera.


We implement plant positioning that provide shading and aeration to the grapes in summer, such as SPRAWL positioning. This is the way we adapt the structure of our vineyard plantations (especially in the new Syrah plantations). In the end, we put our five senses and technical knowledge aiming to adapt to new challenges that future generates in order to offer the best through our wines.

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