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Our vineyard, around 700m high, is composed of 85 hectares of goblet-pruned and trellised autochthonous and international varieties: Tempranillo, Syrah, Graciano, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Small-Grain Muscat and several old vines of Airén.



Our old vines are one of the biggest secrets and greatest values we have. Highlighting strains of Tempranillo variety, specifically Cencibel which is synonimous of Tempranillo originally from our area. With more than 50 years old they are goblet-pruned vines with the traditional association of vine and olive groves in the same plot, typical in our region and reflection of our origins.  

«It is a previlidge for any winemaker being able to work with old Cencibel goblet-pruned vines like the ones at Quinta de Aves. It is unmistakeable the authenticity of the wines and exciting observing the ability to adapt to our soils and climate of such long-staining vines, wich year after year are able to make the best of our essence.»

Alberto Calleja (Winemaker).



In order to reach the aimed quality standards in our wines, at Quinta de Aves we understand that the vineyard plays the main role, and, for that reason, our team dedicates all their effort to transform a raw material of extraordinary features.

We are aware that the quality of our grapes is a consequence of the knowledge we have of the interaction between our climate, soil and vines. As a result, we use cultivation techniques adapted to our environment and its singular characteristics, following a philosophy of care and respect towards the vines and the environment, conveying it to our wines.




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