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 Our Estate is located in Campo de Calatrava, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The Campo de Calatrava DO is characterized by being the most important area in the Iberian Peninsula in terms of recent volcanic activity, making the wines grown there unique. It is located next to the Natural Parks of Andújar and Cazorla mountain ranges.


Latest investigations place the most recent volcanic activity of the area under 10,000 years ago. This means Campo de Calatrava region is a volcanic active area where you can find volcanic deposits.




In our region, Campo de Calatrava, we can find Rare Soils, hills of volcanic origin and ponds that were formed as a result of the volcanic activity. The lands present a very characteristic geomorphology which transmits minerality to the grapes and hence to the wines elaborated with these. All these attributes make our wines something unique and exceptional. Discover more in this article:


The historical presence of volcanoes not only impacts on the landscape and the particularities of the soils transmitted to wines, but it also directly influences species which live in the surroundings. The habitat of plants and animals is determined by climate, relief and soils which are influenced by the origin of these lands.

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